Laguna Phuket Golf Club

At Laguna Phuket Golf Club, you can enjoy the tranquility of a tropical island setting the challenge of a world-class,award winning golf course,and the superb facilities within Laguna Phuket Resort-Asia's first fully integrated resort development.

Laguna Phuket Golf Club is an 18-hole,par-71 resort course designed by Max Wexler and David Abell,which challenges golfing enthusiasts of all abilities. Measuring 6,654 yards from the back tees,the course features a wealth of scenic lagoons,coconut groves and undulating fairways,set against the dramatic backdrop of the surrounding mountains and the nearby sea.

Meandering throught a labyrinth of lagoons, the course requires golfers to play with great accuracy,and to select clubs carefully. Water looms on 13 of the 18 holes and threatens to swallow any shot veering too far to the side. On several holes adventurous long hitters will certainly enjoy taking a rewarding gamble by cutting corners,while on other holes,strategic iron play is a must.

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  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club
  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club
  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club
  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club
  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club
  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club

The signature par 3 sixteenth hole offers a green encased by a myriad of gaping bunkers,while the short par4 month hole looks deceptively easy,until you realise you are forced to hit into the small island green. The par 5 seventeenth hole,perhaps the most challenging, requires three long yet precise shots into a large green. The fifteenth might make you think that you are playing in the Rockies, as you watch your shot soar to the green,set against the back drop of the magnificent mountains.

Laguna Phuket Golf Club Scorecard

HOLE No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN OUT ALL
HCP 18 14 16 10 2 12 4 8 6   4 13 11 15 5 7 16 1 9      
BLUE 315 507 185 414 569 418 220 408 373 3409 424 160 386 174 398 421 152 612 518 3245 3409 6654
WHITE 301 193 162 376 537 384 189 379 342 3163 400 137 369 156 371 401 135 585 503 3057 3163 6220
RED 285 457 142 333 484 344 160 331 316 2852 336 120 301 132 329 331 114 498 451 2612 2852 5464
PAR 4 5 3 4 5 4 3 4 4 36 4 3 4 3 4 4 3 5 5 36 36 71

Laguna Phuket Golf Club Course Guide

Hole 1 Par 4 HCP 18
This short par 4 is an excellent starting point for the golf course. Large trees line the right side of the fairway, and long hitters can gamble by cutting the corner. The hole bends from left to right. The straight hitter will be rewarded with an easy approach onto this flat but small green.
315 Yards   301 Yards   285 Yards
Hole 2 Par 5 HCP 14
A drive over the lagoon starts this hole as it follows the natural landscape up a small hill. The green is tucked behind a ridge that runs the entire length of its right side. The safe route on the second shot is down the centre of the fairway between the numerous traps that guard the landing area. Long hitters may opt to carry the coconut grove that hides the green.
507 Yards   193 Yards   457 Yards
Hole 3 Par 3 HCP 16
With the green perched on top of a small ridge, the surrounding mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to this medium length par 3. Many golfers choose to play one club short to avoid the bunkers on the left and back of the green.
185 Yards   162 Yards   142 Yards
Hole 4 Par 4 HCP 8
With water running along the entire left side of the hole, the tee shot is very demanding. The bunker on the right defines the optimum placement, while the two-tiered green makes for an interesting target.
414 Yards   376 Yards   333 Yards
Hole 5 Par 5 HCP 2
This long par 5 is the most difficult on the course. With water close to the left side of the landing area, it is better to keep to the right on the tee shot. Having successfully negotiated that, you must then master an uphill shot into a narrow landing area with bunkers on the right and a coconut grove on the left. The short third shot is also uphill towards the large green.
569 Yards   537 Yards   484 Yards
Hole 6 Par 4 HCP 6
This straightaway par 4 looks easier than it is. A large bunker absorbs the left side of the fairway. Longer hitters can try to play over the bunker; however, a tee shot short of the bunker leaves an open second to this well protected green.
418 Yards   384 Yards   344 Yards
Hole 7 Par 3 HCP 10
Definitely the longest par 3 on the course. Though it plays slightly down hill, this hole requires a masterful long iron shot to land on the green, as it is well protected by bunkers on the left and water on the right.
220 Yards   189 Yards   160 Yards
Hole 8 Par 4 HCP 4
Some say this is the hardest hole on the golf course. With water on the left and three gaping bunkers to the right, a straight tee shot is the key to this long dog-leg right par 4. Once safely on the fairway, a delicate approach is needed to play onto the steep, sloping green.
408 Yards   379 Yards   331 Yards
Hole 9 Par 4 HCP 14
At 373 yards, the ninth hole is a relatively short par 4. A tee shot is needed down the centre of the fairway as any to the right side make for a longer second shot However the approach shot must be accurate as it has to be played to a small island green that slopes off to the water. This hole is recognized as one of the course's signature holes and is featured in many promotional photographs.
373 Yards   342 Yards   316 Yards
Hole 10 Par 4 HCP 1
The nature of the back 9 holes is dictated by the long 10th hole. With the green set out on a promontory in the surrounding lake, the second shot is the most difficult iron shot on the course. Between the lake and the green lies a sweeping bunker of almost 100 yards that runs into the water. A pin placement in the back right corner of the green makes this a championship calibre hole.
424 Yards   400 Yards   336 Yards
Hole 11 Par 3 HCP 11
Though this is the shortest hole on the course, it is the most treacherous. Perched above the lake, the 11th green is an intimidating target. Water will catch any shots veering to the right, and large mounding protects the left side. A chip from above the mounding will be difficult to keep on the putting surface.
160 Yards   137 Yards   120 Yards
Hole 12 Par 4 HCP 7
At 386 yards, this sharp dog-leg right around the environmental reserve area demands accuracy. Bunkers and a small creek define the left side of the driving area, and a drive on the fairway is a must. The long and straight hitters face the challenge of biting off as much of the reserve area as their talents permit. The circular green is in the middle of a large bunker that engulfs the putting area. The short second shot is a tough one.
386 Yards   369 Yards   301 Yards
Hole 13 Par 3 HCP 13
The adjacent mountains are a perfect backdrop to this attractive hole. Players will want to hit one extra club to avoid the large bunker that sits short and left of the green. This undulating green presents a challenge once you reach the putting surface.
174 Yards   156 Yards   132 Yards
Hole 14 Par 4 HCP 15
Golfers beware on this short par 4. Though it looks straight forward and simple, don't think it is a push over. Water looms directly behind the green site, so be sure to keep the ball in front of the flag stick. Water also comes into play on the tee shot, and a long iron shot off the tee for optimum placement is not a bad decision.
398 Yards   371 Yards   329 Yards
Hole 15 Par 4 HCP 5
This hole offers quite a contrast to the relatively flat nature of the course. The green site is tucked into a large mound with the entry to the green carved beautifully out of the natural landforms. Two pot bunkers front the left and right of the green.
421 Yards   401 Yards   331 Yards
Hole 16 Par 3 HCP 17
A straight and accurate middle iron shot is required to reach the green that is encased by twelve large bunkers. With the dramatic views of the Andaman Sea, this is the Laguna's most scenic hole.
152 Yards   135 Yards   114 Yards
Hole 17 Par 5 HCP 3
At 612 yards, accuracy and distance are required to navigate this par 5, the longest hole in Phuket. A large water hazard runs along the entire length of the right side, and a small lake comes into play on the tee shot. A precise lay-up is needed on the 2nd shot as the lake protrudes into the fairway just short of the large tree. A long third shot is needed to complete the challenge, but the large green provides a generous target.
612 Yards   585 Yards   498 Yards
Hole 18 Par 5 HCP 9
As the second of the back-to-back par 5 finishing holes, the long 18th provides the final challenge. The tee shot goes through a complex of mounds into a tight landing zone bringing a large lake into play for most of the distance, including the final two shots into the green. The putting surface is indicative of the much improved quality of the greens on the whole course which have been rebuilt and reshaped resulting in a truer and faster roll.
518 Yards   503 Yards   451 Yards

Laguna Phuket Golf Club Price

Period Holes Green Fee Only 1 Golfer Package 2 Golfers Package 3 Golfers Package 4 Golfers Package
Green fee + round-trip transfers (price per person)
31 October 2014
9 Holes Special Special Special Special Special
18 Holes
(Play 9 holes twice)
Special Special0 Special Special Special


  • Rates are in Thai Baht and are inclusive of applicable government taxes.
  • rate are effective november 1, 2013 until october 31, 2014


  • Laguna Phuket Golf Club is a walking course and golf cart are not available.
  • Each golfer is required to take a caddy.
  • Collared polo shirt with tailored slacks or shorts, sock and golf shoes with soft spikes.

Caddy tip:

  • Recommended caddy tip 300 Baht/18Holes. You can give directly to your caddy after the game.

Non – Golfer:

  • Accompanying non -golfer will be charged 400 Baht. You can be paid directly to the golf course.
  • Collared polo shirt with tailored slacks or shorts,s ock and golf shoes with soft spikes.

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